We Realize Darkroom

We Realize Darkroom

What does it cost to set up a darkroom Apart from the accommodation (the room itself), you can make a good project from a few hundred euro (say that starting from 300 € you get a good result). A price quite acceptable especially compared with what it would cost us a clear room or a computer, a scanner and a photo printer.

The first step in the project darkroom home is to locate a suitable room. These must be completely darkened (what also obtainable using akusewa, for example, of drying on roller shutters that do not close well), free of reflective surfaces such as mirrors or glossy surfaces (may rebound on the enlarger light and illuminate the room) and as much as possible free of dust. If it were available even running water, then you would have found the perfect room.

Found the room, via the creation of two distinct areas, perhaps using two separate tables a dry and a wet, we’re going to be equipped with the necessary for printing.

The first items on the list are the bowls (or pans). These contain the developing baths, fixing stop and where we’re going to put our positive. The size of these trays must always be larger than the size of the picture if we want to develop a photo 18 × 24 we will have to use a minimum of 24x30cm trays. Be careful not to overdo the size the toilets cost and would be a shame to waste them.

Tweezers are another essential tool to recover photos from pans. Compratene always a bath (if a gripper is wet to pollute the solution should be present in another pan), then at least three.

Another object to be bought in support of the set to create the dark room is a thermometer. Eye to the model make sure it’s glass and that is to Alchool (no mercury, for instance) or electronic. Its function will be to measure the temperature of the water and of the necessary chemical agents in the development process. We will see later that it is essential not it wrong.

The cylinders must be available at least three. Be careful to take different measures with the greatest least 60cc and are not attacked by chemicals. You will need to enter the right amount of agent reagent in the pans. By the way, are also fine syringes.

Carafes graduate. These will be used to mix the agents before moving them into the pans. They cost a few Euros and are happy with those from market, just be glass.

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