Sustainable Installations and Energy Saving

With recent water crises and increases in light bill values, the concern to maintain a home economically and correctly has been growing potentially. The idea that a sustainable environment can be created where water and energy are used in the best possible way and consciously becomes more and more real through the technological advances of sustainable building projects.

Some water collection or reuse systems have been proving to be increasingly effective and, consequently, have attracted more and more investors, becoming even a factor in the decision of buyers of new properties.

Here are some simple examples that can bring financial returns through reductions in bills of light and water and also in the valuation of your property. Not to mention, of course, the high positive impact of these systems on the ecosystem.

Sustainable Rainwater Capture Facilities

A very simple and effective system is Rainwater Harvesting. This system basically works with gutters that collect rainwater through the decay of the house roof itself. This same water flows through the tubing until it passes through a filter that prevents leaves, small animals and other objects from reaching the reservoir where the water is stored.

The rainwater can be used for non – potable purposes, ie, wash clothes, flush the toilets, car washing, gardening and any other use that does not involve direct water consumption.

This system becomes safe by allocating the water collected only for purposes that do not endanger the health of the residents of the residence.

Use of artesian well water

Another common system used is the artesian well that basically uses water from aquifers that are inside the perimeter of the land of the property. This water can be used for non-potable purposes in the same way as rainwater, but because it is a natural source exposed to various interactions, this water should be periodically analyzed to ensure that the health of those who use it is not being put at risk.

Sustainable Installations for Solar Energy Use

Solar energy collected through voltaic cells is one of the most famous forms of sustainable installation, but by working with a higher level of technology, it is still a little distant from the reality of many people.

With a higher cost in installing the plate voltaic cells show long term explicanos return as this article by reducing energy consumption f ornecida the local distribution utility.

Depending also on the local power distribution concessionaire, there is the possibility of causing all excess energy generated by the system to return to the grid generating discounts in the monthly bill! On the other hand, if the facilities are not well sized, a fine may be charged, how to correct the excess reactive energy out of tip.

All of these benefits are optimized when a pre-feasibility study is done to implement this type of project. The slope of the boards, position and other factors can greatly affect the amount of energy generated in a day.

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