Here Are Shocking Things to Be Experienced After Cesarean Surgery

Many women are afraid of pain during childbirth, thus choosing maternity by cesarean section. As for some other women, cesarean delivery is not an option because it is driven by a difficult pregnancy condition.

To be sure, the “suffering” of labor is experienced only after childbirth.

In order for Moms are not surprised with the condition after a cesarean, it’s good Moms recognize what happens cesarean section.

Here Are Shocking Things

1. Must wear catheter

Recovery after cesarean delivery is longer than normal delivery. And, although Moms are advised to hurry up and move again, it’s hard to walk to walk out of the room.

2. Sneak marks

Cesarean section will leave at least 10-15 cm of stitches. After all these years, these stitches will still be visible at the bottom of the abdomen.

In fact, some women will see skin folds over the former stitches.

3. Pitocin

Pitocin is an artificial oxytocin injection performed to induce labor and strengthen contractions.

However Moms will realize that the drug given through this infusion is also still given postpartum to help prevent the occurrence of bleeding.

4. Constipation after childbirth

Postpartum painkillers, or worry the stitches will tear when they want to defecate, causing many new Moms to have constipation.

5. Difficult to walk

Cesarean section may be considered a major surgery. So unlike those who give birth normally, Moms can not just get out of bed and walk in the hospital.

6. Shaking

In the first few hours after surgery, Moms’s body will remove the remnants of anesthesia by itself, and soothe the procedure.

This causes the body to feel cold and shivering.

7. Bleeding

As during childbirth normally, Moms are delivered through caesarean section will also experience bleeding for several days.

Even some are still bleeding a few weeks after childbirth.

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