Reasons When It Is Convenient For You To Look For Work Outside The Country

If you are interested in exploring new places, working and having experience abroad, this information is for you.

Insecurity, precarious salaries and the concern to live an intercultural experience are powerful reasons that lead Mexicans to look for work far from the country. And although more than one has crossed the possibility of making a career outside Mexico, few specify the plan.

Where do Mexicans go and from which states do they emigrate?

The 10 countries as major record Mexicans abroad, according to their respective offices census of each country, as well as the Institute s of Statistics, Migration and Police Departments are the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, United United, Bolivia, Argentina, the Netherlands, Costa Rica and Chile.

For its part, the states of the republic that report the greatest migration are: Mexico City, Chihuahua, State of Mexico, Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, Veracruz, Puebla, Coahuila, Guanajuato and Michoacán.

What do Mexicans abroad do?

In the Information Analysis of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 2015, it is reported that the occupational profile of Mexicans in the world is as follows: 30% are professionals, 27% are students, 14% are of house, 11% are employed in a trade, 15% are engaged in other activities and 3% emigrate as a missionary or in some voluntary work related to missions.

When choosing a country to emigrate, we must consider that the best destination is that country where there are opportunities for development and personal growth, according to the profile and expectations of each person, it is essential to familiarize with the customs and regulations of each nation before to take hold on her.

As we know, there are several ways to work abroad, from temporary trades, professional practices and even specific vacancies, in any case consider the following recommendations before launching into the adventure.

4 reasons when it is convenient to look for work outside of the country

1. Attractive compensation

Definitely the first factor to consider has to do with income, but do not leave aside the issue of transfer or change of residence, especially if you have a family. A change that can be good could prove fatal for your wife or children.

The general recommendation is not to move if you do not have a specific offer, and even having it, first elaborate a small business plan to analyze how much is the minimum you need to earn (in benefits and money) to meet your daily needs, your stay and also you can start your savings. Specialists recommend doing a thorough review of how much you will like your new job, but also of all the conditions where you will live, cost of living, benefits, obstacles and inconveniences of change and analysis of what you will leave behind to take the opportunity.

2. Profitable experience in the medium or long term

Living outside Mexico always implies an expense that you will have to support in the short term. However, analyze the opportunity taking into account the time it will take you to recover the initial “investment”. The fact of opting to recover current employment after two years outside of Mexico is an important parameter pointed out by professionals willing to move, according to a survey conducted by the Ipsos consultancy to Mexicans interested in obtaining employment outside of Mexico.

3. High degree of specialization

A clear example is the Mexico-Canada Temporary Agricultural Workers Program (PTAT), which has been promoted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for more than four decades, and which promotes the labor exchange of agronomists with a high degree of specialization, whose professional field it is required outside the borders, while the intercultural experience of the employee is enriched. As expected, a professional with international experience provides a much more attractive profile to hire, as well as acquiring the command of the language and skills to work with another culture.

4. First job “while you study”

It is just the opposite, are you about to finish your studies or have just graduated and do not have a very strong financial commitment? Dare to experiment outside of your country! In this case, your strong card is the age and the flexibility you can have to do temporary jobs or with a relatively low salary. If your priority is to consolidate your stay in a country to get to know it (with a view to staying longer), you can start with volunteer work like the one offered by portals as diverse as something.

3 indispensable tips to find work outside your country

Make sure you can live in the country that interests you at least 3 months, without employment and without any economic problem.

Before searching and finding work, put in order all your important papers (not only the curriculum), but also personal and credit records, as well as paperwork that you could request in the recruitment process.
Try the job interview in another language if possible, and by different supports (Skype, Zoom, Hangouts), in this way you will acquire confidence and confidence even without having contact with your recruiter in person. Get more sources from this site

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