Obese Cost Us 8 Billion A Year, More Taxing Junk Food

Obese Cost Us 8 Billion A Year, More Taxing Junk Food

Obese cost us too much, so the government has in mind to tax the crap table, junk food, junk food known by the English name.

Already France and the US have worked to raise the nest egg of Health that instead goes for the more fat care, often in the health-conscious and slogans related to the welfare of the population http://smconsult.co.id/id/jasa-konsultan-pajak-jakarta. The fatties, according to data from a study of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, have a social cost of 8.3 billion, accounting for 6.7% of public spending.

In Italy there are about 5 million people. The numbers also tell us that the situation will not improve with the passing of the years in 2025 the obesity rate will reach 43%.
For now there is talk of an operating tax, perhaps on alcohol or junk food, but nothing is certain, to finance the extraordinary health program on construction, provided for in Article 20 of Law 6788. And ‘This is the hypothesis to the study of the Ministry of Health and the Regions, contained in a working draft sent by the Minister Balduzzi the Conference of the Regions to discuss the new pact for health, according to beat the ANSA agency 29 December.

In the midst of controversy over Ici exemptions granted to the Church he is the president of the CEI, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, to enter directly on the issue, asking to clarify if there are controversial points, but defending the system of rule. If there are points of law to be reviewed or discussed, there are no questions from our side. It being understood that in principle, the current law is just, because it recognizes the social value of activities carried out by a plurality of non-profit organizations and, among these, ecclesiastical bodies. But if there are concrete cases in which a charge due has not been paid, it is right that the abuse is proved, and to end.

A theme also touched by the chairman of the Mountains from Brussels Council In 17 days we have not taken any decision. With a note I am aware of a procedure for state aid. A reference to the investigation of the European Union opened in recent months.Meanwhile the debate continues, with appeals to pay the tax that arrive, cross, from the political world and the media of the CEI on the defensive. The Catholic Church pays what there is to be paid and shall have no privilege, reads a statement from Sir, the agency of the bishops.

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