Why make a Building Project?

Why invest time and money to design a good building site project?

When building a property, everyone knows the importance of a good architectural project, which assists in the construction and legalization of the work. However, when it comes to a project of electric and hydrosanitary building installations, people do not normally see the importance of carrying out these projects because they are not necessary for the legalization of the work. In this article, we explain the real importance of electrical and hydraulic building installations and the 3 main benefits.

1 Save on water and light bills

Poorly made seams, low quality, and unsuitable materials are consistently responsible for the waste of water and energy. An improperly sized power cord can overheat, causing loss of power, for example. With a well-designed facility design, mistakes like these can be easily avoided. In addition to the project, consulting a professional to understand how to adopt more sustainable measures such as capturing rainwater or using solar energy can be a great alternative to save money. With this, a well-designed facility project can significantly reduce water and light bills in homes and businesses

2 Avoid wasting materials during construction

Much has been said about the waste of materials in construction. That scene where the customer goes several times in the construction shop, during the execution of the work, to buy different types of materials, much of which is left over, is more and more common. This scenario can be avoided with a good facility design, which helps to better estimate the quantity and type of wires, conduits, and pipes that will be used before the job starts, helping to better determine the budget and save money.

Unfortunately, electrical wiring fires are still very common, and the number of victims of electric shock is not small. In Rio de Janeiro about 90% of the fires are caused by electrical problems, according to Crea-RJ. Many of these accidents are caused by errors in electrical installations that could be avoided through a well-designed facility design. Therefore, it is important to remember that an electrical installation should not only be made to work, but also to be safe.

3 Avoid future problems with poorly designed installations

Nothing worse than the breaker disarming during the bath, plugging a new appliance into the outlet and it simply burns or still cannot identify the exact location of water infiltration and having to tear down entire walls to fix. All these situations can be avoided with a building project that will properly determine a load of your circuit preventing your shower to disarm or that your appliance burns. In addition to sketching the location of the pipes, which may assist in the time of making modifications or reforms for the exchange of aged materials.

Finally, always look for a qualified professional who understands the need for a well-designed building project that will bring you safety and comfort.

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