Best WiFi Modem Router TP-LINK TD-W8980

Best WiFi Modem Router TP-LINK TD-W8980

We return to TP Link this modem WiFi higher end. It is equipped with 3 antennas WiFi like the previous one, for a signal at peak efficiency, and support for 5 GHz. The speed remains at 300 Mbps so not for gamers, but it is very efficient over long distances. Excellent connectivity with the presence of 4 Ethernet ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports that besides allowing to share devices and printers, are also useful for servers. With this purchase we have also included in two ADSL filter box, which are very important in case you have fixed telephones and fax machines at home. Without filters the line is disconnected at each call.

Best WiFi modem routers AVM FRITZ! Box 3390

This modem high-end stands out for its high speed its architecture dual band boasts a total of 900 Mbps and support to 5 Mbps and ADSL2 +. The antennas are incorporated but in return we eestremamente a thin, lightweight and compact game ppsspp. This modem has a built-in media server and 2 USB ports for printer sharing, and USB sticks. You then despite the very compact 4 Ethernet ports if you do not want to use the WiFi. We recommend this modem with its Ethernet ports gamers, since they are 1 Gbit. With the purchase there is also a application to manage the connection.

Best WiFi modem router Sitecom Greyhound AC2600

This modem four directional antennas (with a considerable power ranging up to 800 mW) is the top range of Sitecom, a company that has much experience in the field. The device is characterized by a orignale design, slim, compact and adjustable in vertical. As for speed say it is a splinter is definitely an offense we just tell you that manages to go up to 1734 Mbps when used at 5 Ghz. As for the hardware components running inside a Qualcomm dual core processor 1.4 GHz processor, a RAM of 512 MB and 128 MB of NAND Flash memory. Gaming, multimedia, streaming 4K or any other operations can be carried out at peak performance and if you lag or disconnections will be solely and exclusively the fault of the local service providers. The router is the top also in terms of connectivity, with the presence of two USB 3.0 ports and a door to insert the micro SD. You’ll have to spend a little ‘more to get hold of this modem, but it is the most that you can find on the market today.

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