Bed Headboards With Simple But Much Original Ideas

Bed Headboards With Simple But Much Original Ideas

You are looking for ideas to renew your room, especially you want to point on the bed headboard Take a look at this book of ideas in which we present 7 ideas to easily renovate the bed headboard are simple and especially truly original! Just a little, a curtain, a wallpaper, a pallet, a window or other solutions to have a different sleeping area! Choose the one you like most and match the style of your home!

A niche Why not!

This is such an original as beautiful! Ideal for those who prefer an essential mattress structure instead of a traditional bed. In this way you can embellish the niche with beautiful decorative elements. Here, our interior designers have opted for very delicate pieces of white and gold, which give pure and vaguely eastern elegance to this room.

A headboard-bedside table

Instead of traditional nightstands, why not opt ??for a headboard with a shelf With regard to the bulbs that hang here just above the head, these are portable lamps that are great for directing the beam of light where it seems to us. In addition, this headboard has an electrical outlet where you can charge your smartphone or connect the radio. Brilliant!

A window … like a headboard!
Pixar style Scandinavian style bedroom

Have you ever thought that the window could serve as a headboard If you have never considered it, try to do it is the quickest and easiest option between the ones we propose and the cheaper one.

The window serves as an element of furniture and creates an ideal environment; But, of course, this will always depend on the architecture and design of your room.


In stores and on-line you can find small items like these, which are great for decorating a room or other spaces in the house.

In this case, beautiful butterflies flying above the head were chosen to give a dreamy and light touch to the space. A very unique and easy to apply solution. You see, there is little need to transform a room!

The wallpaper

A wallpaper, a vinyl, a sticker, a photo … Anyway, anything that can be attached to the wall as a headboard is a great solution to give a new look. In this example we can see that a wallpaper was chosen with an image of Istanbul’s mosque. A headline so invites you to travel … even in dreams!

I pallet

We will never tire of sharing with you ideas that have to do with pallets; After all they are accessible and fairly simple to place, useful for different solutions. Each one of us can create a coffee table, a couch or a bedbed net, just take care of it!

Here we can see a net for the bed and the respective headboard made with simple pallets. Instead of leaving them to the natural, they were painted white.

A curtain for the most romantic

So this idea is perfect for incurable romantics! Not only that, it is also very easy to accomplish because you only need a curtain, color and texture you want at the head of your bed. Always make sure to match colors and style, so everything is as beautiful as possible!

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