Aol. We Bring Streaming Into The Streets Of New York

Aol. We Bring Streaming Into The Streets Of New York

We will be the first Internet company in the world with a production studio video on the road, open to the public so we connect the digital world to the real people. She telling met Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL, speaking of the new headquarters of Build, the subsidiary that creates and distributes live streaming programs, such as interviews with celebrity.

The new study will be launched this fall on Broadway at the fourth street, close to the general New York headquarters of AOL harga iphone. Where Armstrong has agreed to do with Corriere Economia the point of his first year in Verizon, the US telecom which AOL bought in May 2015 for 4.4 billion. Verizon is the largest fixed-line and mobile networks in the US, with a TV and internet access services via high-speed fiber optics (Fios). The sense of its entry into the media market has followed with great attention by European telecom and internet company.

As the audience can interact with the new study Build
The open studio will understand what we mean when we say we are a company without walls. People can participate in the program notes, asking questions to respondents. Those who create content will come to show your talent. We also will accommodate initiatives with young people and startups. After direct, recorded video will then be distributed, as now, on the various platforms of AOL and on social networks like Facebook.

Before it was bought by AOL Verizon was talk of a merger with Yahoo !, which now the same Verizon has launched an offer to buy it is happy if the transaction goes through
AOL has very clear objectives to be achieved by 2020 2 billion consumers our users in the world; 10 million content creators our affiliates; $ 10 billion in revenue. To obtain these results, we will work with all possible partners, including with Yahoo !, but we are not the ones to decide whether Verizon buys. I personally have great relationships with their managers, from Marissa Mayer, with whom I have worked for almost ten years at Google.

How will you win over 2 billion users
Focusing on the next level of digital globalization. Today 20 AOL brands have only about 30% of users outside the US, Western Europe, Japan, Australia and, recently, in South America. That share should grow more than 50%. To get there we are investing a lot on videos made specifically for mobile devices, the format more attractive today for the public.

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