Acne Breakout? Overcome with This Way

Acne rupture is annoying, in addition to the pain felt, the appearance of the skin also looks inflamed and redness. Usually, many ways that women do to overcome the breaking of acne. But is it correct? Check out the following ways to overcome them.

When acne breaks, make sure you remove all the white fluid in acne as much as possible. This is important to prevent acne formation in the same place the next day. After all the contents of acne are removed, keep the cleanliness of the skin area around the acne. This is important because the area of ​​the skin around the broken pimple has been damaged and become easy to get the bacteria. You can clean the area using toner with witch hazel to help soothe and reduce redness in the area.


Acne rupture is always followed by inflammation and swelling in the area that experienced it. These conditions will certainly make your face a redness in the area. To alleviate this condition, compress an inflamed area using ice cubes wrapped in plastic or clean cloth for 10-15 minutes. In addition to reducing redness of the skin, pain in acne areas will be reduced.

Treat Open Wounds On Acne

Because now your acne has become an open wound, how to handle it certainly different from the handling of acne. Acne that has broken should not be treated using acne spot treatment. Acne spot treatment products generally contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid as the main ingredient to treat acne. However, when applied to open wounds, both materials can actually cause irritation. You better protect and treat acne breaks by using antibiotic ointment on the market. In addition to protect and heal, antibiotic ointment can also prevent the formation of acne scars.

Avoid Touching Acne

This is probably one of the hardest things to do, that is holding your finger to touch the acne scars. Especially when the acne lesions have started to dry, there must be a tendency to scratch the wound. Try to hold yourself to do that, yes! Touching or scratching acne breaks can lead to an infection in the area. If necessary, cover your wound with a small plaster.

Reduce Use of Makeup

The appearance of acne and the area around which the redness often wants to be covered. The use of foundation and concealer is often regarded as the solution to this problem. However, the application of makeup on an open acne wound can be the pathway for bacteria and cause the infection to continue. Reduce the use of makeup to keep the wound area clean and can ‘breathe’ for a while yes!


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