Accessories For Photography To Always Have With You

Accessories For Photography To Always Have With You

Photography is an expensive hobby. Cameras, and in particular the objectives, have prices often extremely high and often, when you purchased a kit basis, you forget about the accessories in an effort to contain costs. This is not always a good move as there are accessories that should always be kept on hand as they are both useful for some special situations, is to extend the life of our equipment.

Of course we should never exaggerate in buying accessories for photography but always limited to a minimum sewa lcd proyektor semarang. Below I have listed what are the “must haves” of photography: 12 photography accessories that should not miss in your backpack and the price of which is never more than 20 Euros.

1 – Accessories for photography: the gray card

The gray card 18% is one of the most important objects to always have with you, in order to avoid problems with white balance and so dramatically reduce post-processing of images. For sale there are various models more or less rigid, all under 13 Euros. Orient yourself toward objects not too bulky, possibly also with a white card in addition to medium gray and especially quick to use as the two following models: Cardboard 18% 3 in 1 JCC or the set of cards Opteka.

2 – Brush

The brush for cleaning lenses is another item that should not be missing in your kit. Again, you can find several models on the market at various prices. A good brush must be accompanied, in addition to the brush proper (possibly not leaking the hairs), also of a soft cushion for the removal of stains or drops of water, especially when drying. The price of these items is around 11 Euros and I recommend two types: the brush and the brush Hama

3 – Accessories for Photography: The bellows

The bellows is useful both for the cleaning of the lenses for both the cleaning (not until, of course) of the sensor or other parts dell’aparecchio photo (type connectors). Look for one that presents the nozzle sufficiently long and hard. The at is around € 10 or less, as the two models suggested below: Pump Konig and bellows

The remote control for loscatto can be of two types: flush or remote control. In the first case, make sure you buy one that presents a wire long enough. Good products at prices around 15 € are the wired remote control for Nikon Kaavie (110 cm) and the wired remote control for Canon’s Kaavie (110 cm). In case you prefer a wireless controller (more comfortable but watch batteries), two excellent alternatives to the big brands and less than 10 € have this wireless remote control for Nikon and this remote wireless

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