8 Ways To Use Stone to Modernize Your Home

8 Ways To Use Stone to Modernize Your Home

The use of stone as a lining is currently in vogue in architecture, both inside and outside the buildings. And in fact, stone adds a unique energy and refinement to the overall picture. This is also due to the fact that stone is a material that mentally makes us connect with nature and then gives simplicity to the whole context. In addition, there is an infinite variety of stones suitable for covering the walls, and therefore there are many shapes, sizes, colors and textures.

In this article we show you 8 cases where the natural stone, authentic or artificially reproduced, lays the walls in different rooms of the house solasbars. We are confident that you will be able to track down a lot of ideas that will inspire you and will also help you create your own situations of modern or rustic style without losing timeless contemporaneity. Ready to take notes

Contrast ancient and modern

First impressive image. A massive stone wall serves as a partition of two environments. The context is modern but the stone brings the senses to a rustic atmosphere. Wonderful the irregular effect of the surface of the stone. Also nice is the natural effect that the partition returns to the entire space.

Details in paved

If you do not know which stone to choose, inform yourself about the original one in your geographic area. It will probably be even more economically accessible, which does not mean having a lower quality product. However, it is the world’s oldest and most noble material. Among the stones available on the market you will find the pavement, which offers many cuts and colors. It is a stone that will give you a very elegant appearance in the environment where you decide to use it.

The stone in relief in the exterior courtyard

In this other example you can see a beautiful exterior wall made of delicious stone bricks with a horizontal and slim cut. It is a very popular type due to its aesthetic beauty and the somewhat sought-after effect that it achieves, halfway between the distinct and the simple. The view of this wall also offers a relaxing atmosphere and has in fact been used to dress a relaxation in the exterior courtyard of this beautiful home.

Compact stones

Certain solid stones such as quartz, granite and marble are ideals to cover smaller areas and create different effects. In the image that we show you, you can see a very original use of these compact stone blocks this beautiful pool is surrounded by the stone-enhanced wall. And in fact there are no fixed limits or rules when choosing the type and positioning of the stone. Let your imagination suggest the ideal compositions that will make your room decorative amazing.

Integrated stone

But stone can also be integrated harmoniously in a modern and minimalist style, with clean lines. A stone-covered wall offers a spectacular finish to the fireplace and gives great style to the surrounding environment. In this case, the chosen stone consists of homogeneous hollow stones. If you believe, you can also opt for the original stone imitations available on the market in so many varieties.

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