The 4 Things That Every Entrepreneur Must Do The First Week Of The Year

It’s not just about looking busy, but preparing the growth and success of the next 12 months.

The holidays are almost over and the New Year arrived with all its might, so it is the perfect moment to elaborate fresh, innovative and intelligent ideas that boost the growth of your business.

We leave you four things that you must do this first week to boost the growth of your enterprise in the next 365 days, regardless of the size of your company, if you are dedicated to clients or other businesses or the industry in which you develop.

1. Make a “100-day plan”

Since Franklin Roosevelt proposed this measure in 1930, the 100-Day Plan is a very good way to measure the effectiveness of a newly elected US president. These are achievable goals that serve to build the long-term vision of the new president.

Entrepreneurs must do something similar: write a 100-day plan of their own with the real actions they can begin to take to advance the productivity and profits of their organization. This plan establishes 100 goals and requires specifying the steps and resources needed to achieve them.

Of course, it is necessary to have a long-term vision, but the 100-day Plan will allow you to have specific objectives and start the year with energy. When you reach the end of this plan in mid-April you will see what you are failing, but more importantly, what you are doing well and what you should recalibrate.

2. Eliminate clutter

Whether you believe in the power of feng shui or simply want your office to be more productive, the first week of the year you should dedicate it to getting rid of everything that does not work for you. Dedicate a Saturday and ask your team to come (invite pizzas and refreshments) and dedicate themselves to destroy all the documents that do not already serve, as well as separate everything that can be donated. Once the space is clean, implement a system with your collaborators to avoid re-filling things (rely more on the cloud, use the Konmari method ).

3. Fire that person you know you should fire

You may have tried to wait for things to change with a collaborator or have simply ignored the problem waiting for it to resolve itself, but the time has come to face the fact that having a bad employee can be dangerous. It is good to wait for the holidays to pass, but we are already in January. Think about the costs that having a toxic employee generates: low productivity, low morale of the rest of the team, additional supervision, damage to customer relationships, loss of profits, and so on. It is time for an ultimatum or a final decision.

4. Upload your prices

The first week of the year is perfect to review the prices of your products and services and if possible, increase them. Many SMEs try to compete by lowering their prices, but in many cases it does not work because they apply these rebates to goods that no longer arouse the interest of the buyer (something like cutting down the Christmas trees in January). Better, design a plan that studied your competition, your price history, the calendar to see what is the best time to make the increase and how you can add value to the merchandise to which you raise the price. If you find a product or service where you can upload a couple of cents, do it!

After the craziness of the end of the year parties, it is understandable if it takes a little time to “catch the rhythm”. However, entrepreneurs who have the discipline to start the year with these actions and make a good “reboot”, can encourage their teams, have great ideas and generate new opportunities for success and innovation.

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