24 Simple Ideas For A Stay By Envy

24 Simple Ideas For A Stay By Envy

Everyone has a different idea than the stay. However, regardless of your taste, there are some basic rules, some items that should not be overlooked that in the end are essential to have a functional and comfortable space.

It is definitely important to have in mind a particular style to follow and of course to know what is the potential of our stay. For cozy and quiet atmosphere we must not forget anything. For this reason we decided to create a small guide with 24 ideas that does not leave its nothing in the living room.

It’s easy ! Try to make your ideas that we propose!

Enrich the space with flowers and plants

Enter plants is an idea still valid and effective for any outdoor area, that applies also to the terrace dedicated to barbecue and grilled. Choose the ones that suit the space, but also to your skills and the time you have to devote to the care of the garden. If you do not have a green thumb, better to focus on succulent plants.

The importance of lighting

If you plan to use barbecue and grilling also at night, normal and indeed desirable especially during the summer months, think carefully even the ambient lighting. Trying to find the right balance between light directed on work surfaces and cooking and general lighting.

A stone garden

Here we are in the bathroom, white and essential, characterized by the presence of a large transparent window that faces outward. Here the architects have created an interesting light point, an angle of major outburst that nonetheless retains the right privacy. It is a kind of private courtyard and not accessible, but thanks to the white wall that closes it reflects more light inside the bathroom and air.

Within this environment a particular stands out, a Zen garden made of white stones that gives character and particularity to the bathroom. Despite the small scale of the room, several were the devices that have instead given a large and airy appearance. First, the use of white as the main color, then the use of the transparent wall, and finally the use of a wall-mounted washbasin and a large wall mirror.


Materials and funky colors create a work space with a light and an exciting and creative. Stands out to the eye also the puzzle of hundreds of small photographs on the large wall to our left, another unexpectedly pleasant scenery.

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