14 Perfect Pools for Any Patio or Courtyard

14 Perfect Pools for Any Patio or Courtyard

When high temperatures do not give up, many seek shelter in the shade, others choose to defeat the canal by taking a bath. Having a home pool is easier than you think Contrary to what might seem, in fact, there is no need for a particularly large area; Rather, what is needed is a suitable project for the available space. Installing a swimming pool against heat offers many benefits in addition to avoid having to go home to make a couple of dives, in fact, you save on your holiday budget with all the amenities of a home resort.

Tired of suffocating temperatures and an ever more implacable mercury column Refresh with these 14 proposals for small pools for small patios!


In addition to taking into account the surface, it is important that the pool you choose for your small patio is commensurate with its size. In this space of elongated shape, the pool occupies almost the entire surface, reserving space for a fascinating wooden deck where comfortable chairs have been laid out. Accurate lighting and a natural touch from decorative plants complement the charm of the set.

Perfect Complements

Installing a pool in your small patio is a great idea to unplug and rest. You can finish the design of this area with a small terrace that adds the perfect touch to complement your outdoor space.

Easily accessible

The pool chosen for this small patio has everything you need to offer an ideal space to relax. Plants and water bring freshness to an easily accessible place from all the rooms. The hammock’s detail, then, is an undisputed symbol of outdoor fun.


One of the aspects to play when it comes to choosing the perfect pool for your patio is its shape. This round pool occupies the exact and necessary surface to create an intimate and fresh atmosphere.

Surrounded by natural materials

Calling attention to other elements will make it less important to the small size of your patio. Around the pool you can lay a wooden floor that will give warmth to the project and, in addition, create a suggestive brick wall, as you can see in this example.

The sinuous curves

Do you have a small patio and unusual shape Then this example will give you much inspiration. This is a swimming pool that maximizes the available surface thanks to the sinuousness of its shapes, which describe a perfect curve to best occupy the entire space.

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