14 Fabulous Ideas for Integrating Dining Room, Living Room and Kitchen

14 Fabulous Ideas for Integrating Dining Room, Living Room and Kitchen

In modern architectural projects, it tends to choose an open space as a solution to allow the union of more environments without real physical delimitations. In some cases, as a division, walls arriving at half height or different shades of color, in any case, the result must be harmonious and fluid. Below we will see 14 examples of how to combine the kitchen and dining area and, if so, also stay.

For large environments

In this case we see an open space in a very spacious apartment. The kitchen, which runs along a wall, is completed by an island. Next to the kitchen, the living room follows the same linear setting and the colors perfectly blend together.

Spaces that coexist in perfect harmony

The open spaces we are talking about often occupy a few square meters. And it is in these cases that the choice of open space makes the environment more fluid and less oppressive.

In the picture we see kitchen and living room, while being united, remain visually distinct thanks to the arrangement of furniture and ceiling decorations.

A bright environment

In order not to weigh, it is good to choose light colors that bring brightness to the environment. In this case, note the small sofa that completes the side of the table and delivers the kitchen and dining area. The delimitation is also given by the difference in the floor.

A spectacular open space

In this project the kitchen is in front of living room and dining area. Materials and finishes are of great value. The three areas are perfectly integrated thanks to the particular layout and size of the island.

The furniture creates the division

In this example, proposed by BODA ‘ARCHITETTI, we see a physical division created by the black mobile positioned between kitchen and living room. However, the two ambitions are connected by the passage that is created next to the mobile.

Through a window

If we prefer to maintain a clearer separation between kitchen and living room but we do not want to sacrifice visual opening, we can isolate the kitchen through a glass window, as we see in this solution proposed by ANOMIA STUDIO. In this way, we will still have a fluid environment but the separation will be clear and this will keep the smells away from the living room.

With elegance and style

In this example of open space and modern furniture, lighting is the division between the environments that are perfectly integrated with each other.
Fresh and relaxing environment

Excellent choice of furniture in Scandinavian style, and a layout that allows the integration of the three environments by creating a cool, cozy and very bright set.

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