10 Ideas for a Modern Top Floor Terrace

10 Ideas for a Modern Top Floor Terrace

One of the fundamental principles of architecture is to make the most of available space. Among them is the space offered by the roofs of the houses, which can be transformed into pleasant relaxation and leisure areas, on terraces that enrich the home of a further environment in which to comfortably live the exterior. In this Book of Ideas we will see 10 examples of panoramic terraces with gardens and convivial areas to relax with family and friends. Let yourself be inspired by the work of our experts.

Warm-hearted details for a cozy terrace

Among the elements that can make the environment of a cozy and comfortable terrace we can find a gas fireplace like what we see indolexa. Elegant and practical, it is able to make the space intimate and convivial at the same time.

A spectacular blanket green

One way to create a cozy roof garden is to insert a small lawn in the configuration of the terrace. It does not have to cover all the surfaces, it will suffice a green blanket to bring dynamism, color and texture to the roof of your home.

Optimize the decor

If you can spend significant figures, you will be able to choose the best furnishing accessories for the terrace. If the budget is limited, you can focus on materials such as plastic, economic and functional, or recycled materials. Colored chairs and tables can thus animate the space, as we see, combined in combinations of different shapes and shades.

For a less polluted city

Living in a big city exposes you to high levels of environmental and acoustic pollution. So why not equip your roof with a small hanging garden, able to isolate both the house, lowering its temperatures and exposing it to noise A hanging garden, depending on the volumes and depths available, is capable of affecting the environmental impact as well as, naturally, creating a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor environment.

A luxurious terrace

If you have enough space and the ability to invest without too much space, then on the terrace you can find a place besides plants and flowers also a small pool or a hot tub, for a luxurious result like what we see.

A sensational cover

To shelter from the weather and the sun, there is a wide choice of solutions, from tents to pergolas, which will make the terrace always enjoyable and comfortable, integrating perfectly with the presence of plants and flowers.

On two levels

For those who can afford it, the terrace can be organized on two levels, as in the image we see. The hanging garden is connected through a staircase to the relaxation area, arranged around a large white L couch that stands out on the dark wooden floor.

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