10 Apartments In Rome That Are Love At First Sight

10 Apartments In Rome That Are Love At First Sight

How are the apartments in Rome ! What style do you prefer the Romans in their apartments in the city We asked ourselves these questions before you trace the 10 projects that will see. We have put together in this small survey apartments of all sizes from 80 square meters in the center of the house up to 200 square meters of the most challenging projects. Let’s start …

An apartment that dares to Rome

We are precisely in the former Marconi Ostiense industrial area, to visit an apartment with a very particular character. It is, in fact, a property of 120 square meters with a really interesting position overlooking the gasometer, on the former factory of Mira Lanza, while in the background you can see the former mills Biondi.

Despite the stylistic imprint is of industrial character, the environment seems characterized by a fascinating mix of styles ranging from rustic to minimalist.

The intervention of the experts predicted the changes from the original all’assetto of the house, such as the addition of a study area in the lounge. It is a sort of raised platform relative to the floor, and separate from the living room through a roof from completely transparent geometric pattern.

And in the wake of blue, white and black, we move in the beautiful kitchen. Here the climate changes, the warm parquet floor gives way to an intense dark and rustic slate only see the central dining area appropriately bleached.

An apartment with 80 m² fairytale

The project is the NEAR Architecture studio. This is an intervention by the measured tones and calm, but full of personality, which is not afraid to give their graphic touch or dare with elaborate texture, although not reaching under any circumstances any kind of excess. Photographs by Paul Fusco.

The living room, dining and kitchen area are part of a single space, but is very well-timed.

The living room has features essentially geometric. The furnishings chosen have a very clean cut, however, the choice of materials greatly dampens this edginess light wooden floors with wide slats, the soft aesthetic of red leather sofa.

The bedroom is a true change in the language, on the other hand this is consistent with the change of function. The head of the bed wall is a deep blue, a sought shade and restful.

A minimalist apartment in the heart of Rome

Rarely ever see interior with this level of elegance and with so refined finishes and details. This beautiful penthouse in Rome was prepared by Morigi9 study. Everything was very nice and designed to the last detail, it is evident in every single room of the house, nothing is left to chance.

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